This is how we break up~~

Posted by si penagih kopi at Monday, February 18, 2013 0 comments

Can we still smiling while saying a word good bye?
Can we still be happy for each other like we use to do?
Can we still pray for each other bright future?
Even when each other future we no longer part of it.

Even we cry, can we still coolly letting go each other hand?
Even it hurts so much can we let loose our hand?
Even the steps too far can we walk away without looking back?
Pray hard both of us will stay strong.

So this is how we break apart. ~~

When I think about it, I think of you
We’ve shared so much smile and tears for these past years
How indifferent are we, we still have the love that hold us together
How far we go let’s love pull us back together.

Let’s pray that we can be together forever.
Even sometimes the memory we've painted hurts us much
Let smile and not regret it.

note : writing this when it's drizzling outside.

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